04 April 2024

  • Added support for You can now generate Roundups, Reviews, and other types of articles for Etsy products and monetize sales with the Etsy affiliate program. Note: The Affiliate Egg plugin is required.

29 March 2024

  • Added Pixabay featured images for posts, with images licensed under the CC0 License, allowing free use of the images.

  • Introduced a slug generator for post URLs, excluding stop words and keeping URLs short.

  • Implemented a tags generator to enhance internal linking for posts.

  • The 'Product quantity level' setting now includes an option to "disable products for info articles", helping maintain a balance between informational articles without affiliate links and product-focused articles.

24 March 2024

  • Added feature to use the phrase "under XX" in keywords for filtering article products by maximum price. For example, "gaming laptop under $1000". This is best suited for Roundups but applicable to all article types.

21 March 2024

  • Article Size Feature Added: Users can now select article sizes: Large, Medium, or Small.

05 March 2024

  • Product Comparison Articles: Enhanced capability to compare two or three products within a niche.

11 November 2023

  • AI Comment Generator: Introduced two modes for generating comments: Basic and Advanced.

17 October 2023

  • Product Quantity Level: Introduced settings for minimum, average, and maximum to customize the number of affiliate links in articles.

  • Article Layout and Generation Enhancements: Major improvements in article structure, ensuring seamless integration of different sections for a cohesive reading experience.

09 October 2023

  • Post Scheduler with Post Frequency Feature: Added functionality to schedule posts and set frequency, optimizing content management.

04 September 2023

  • Manual Product List: Users can now input a list of product ASINs to generate articles, offering greater control over content generation.

20 August 2023

  • New Article Type - How To Guides: Expanded content variety with the introduction of how-to guides.

  • Content Egg Pro Integration Optional: Removed the requirement for Content Egg Pro, allowing for the creation of text-based articles without the need for integrating affiliate products.

10 August 2023

  • Manual Mode Article Number Adjustment: Added the ability to set the number of articles for each type in manual mode.

  • Point of View Selection: Included options for first person singular, first person plural, second person, and third person narratives, allowing for diverse article perspectives.

01 July 2023

  • Initial Release: Launch of the Too Much Niche plugin, providing a robust solution for niche article creation and management.

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