Niche and keywords selection

Product niche

A niche for an affiliate website refers to a specific topic or category that the website focuses on when promoting and recommending products to its audience.

The Too Much Niche plugin is primarily focused on creating content based on products, so it is best suited for product niches.

It’s crucial to choose a niche that has commercial relevance. Make sure the products you intend to promote are available on Amazon or any other network you plan to use.

Examples of niches for your Inspiration:

  1. Fitness

  2. Camping

  3. Gardening

  4. Coffee

  5. Survival

  6. Golf

  7. Guitars

  8. Fishing

  9. Kitchen appliances

  10. Pressure washers

  11. Home gym equipment

  12. Work from home

  13. Home Aquarium

  14. Metal Detecting

  15. Table Tennis

Avoid selecting informative (non-product) niches and keywords that might not have associated products available for promotion like:

  1. Celebrity Gossip

  2. Soccer Match Recaps

  3. International Move

  4. Electricity Prices

  5. Coupons and Promo Codes

Initial search keywords for products

For better results, we recommend adding some initial product search keywords specific to your niche, such as:

Niche: Kitchen appliances

Keywords: blender, coffee maker, cookware, microwave, food processor, slow cooker, electric kettle, toaster

Niche: Sports equipment

Keywords: bikes, snowboards, golf clubs, sports shoes, tennis racquet

Niche: Smart home

Keywords: smart speakers, security cameras, smart lighting, thermostats

Niche: Home gym equipment

Keywords: dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise mat, stability ball, jump rope, kettlebells, pull-up bar, adjustable bench, cardio machine, foam roller, treadmills, ellipticals

When selecting keywords, think of them as search terms for product searches.

This will help direct the automatic keyword research in the right direction. Setting more keywords increases the predictability of the results for products/articles.

Pro tip: For even more controlled results, you can manually add keywords for each article.


Still not sure how to choose a niche? ChatGPT can assist you in brainstorming and exploring potential niches and keywords. Use promts like:

Write a list of 5 niches for a new product review site. 
For your answer, use the format: 
Niche: keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, keyword 5, keyword 6, keyword 7, keyword 8, keyword 9, keyword 10

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