Select keywords manually

In Expert mode, you can set keywords for each article or just some of them and let the plugin find the rest. Add each keyword on a new line.

When selecting keywords, think of them as search terms for product searches rather than article titles. Avoid using excessively long keywords to ensure the products can be easily found.

Avoid using duplicate or overly similar keywords, as this can lead to the generation of articles with repetitive content or similar sections. By diversifying your keyword selection, you ensure that the plugin generates unique and valuable content for your niche site.

Here are some guidelines for selecting keywords for each article type:

Product Roundups:

  • Choose keywords that align with product categories or subcategories.

  • Verify if your keywords are suitable for phrases like "Top 5 KEYWORD in 2024." For example:

    Golf clubs

    Golf glove

    Golf tees

Pro tip: Use the phrase "under XX" to filter article products by maximum price. For example:

gaming laptop under $1000

drip coffee maker under $25

wireless headphones under 100 EUR

You should use the service phrase "under XX" in English, regardless of the language of the keywords. The currency can be any type.

Important note: Currently, this feature only works for the Amazon API/NoAPI and modules.

Product Reviews:

  • For specific product reviews, input concise titles of those products. For example:

    Taylor Made Golf Balls

    Callaway Golf XR Complete Set

    FootJoy Golf Gloves

  • For Review articles, you can also use more broader or single-word keywords. Product duplicates will be automatically filtered out, so you don't need to worry about them.

Product Comparisons:

There are two methods to set keywords for product comparisons:

  1. Use general search terms, such as:

    • gaming console

    • sandals women beach

    • tv 85 inch

  2. Employ the special "VS" syntax for direct comparisons:

    • playstation 5 console VS xbox series x

    • crocs sandals VS yeezy slides

    • samsung neo qled 85 inch tv VS lg oled tv 86 inch

Informative Articles:

  • For informative articles, you have more flexibility with keywords.

  • Focus on answering questions or providing valuable information.

  • It's recommended to include product-related keywords to enable the plugin to incorporate relevant products for monetization.

How-to guides:

  • For how-to guides, you can use general keywords to generate articles on broad topics like: gaming laptop, coffee maker, or wireless headphones.

  • Alternatively, you can be more specific and generate articles for particular products, such as Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M3, Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker, or Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 Headphones.

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