Select products manually

In Expert mode, you can not only assign a keyword to each article, but also provide a list of specific products that should be used to generate the article.

Keep in mind that manual product selection offers an extra layer of control over the outcome and is an optional feature. This means you can manually choose products for specific articles while letting the plugin automatically select products for others.

To achieve this, list the product IDs or ASINs within square brackets immediately after the keyword. The format should be:

your keyword [ASIN1,ASIN2,ASIN3,ASIN4,ASIN5,...]

You can directly search for and choose the desired products within the Content Egg plugin. Afterward, click the button with the magnet icon to copy the list of product IDs (or ASINs) to your clipboard:

On the "Search" tab, a similar button allows you to copy product IDs to the clipboard along with the current search keyword:

Then, as demonstrated in the screenshot, input your keyword along with the product IDs into the settings of the Too Much Niche plugin:

Here's the recommended number of products for each article type:

  1. For Product Roundups, consider including a list of 5-10 products. The products will be sorted automatically based on their rating.

  2. When working with Reviews, you have two choices: either add a single product or include 1 + 5 products. If you choose the latter, the initial product will be featured in the review, while the subsequent six products will populate the alternative models list.

  3. For Product Comparison articles, include at least 2 products for comparison. If you add 3 or more products, the versus will use 3 products.

  4. For Informational articles, it's recommended to include 3 products that will be displayed right after the Introduction section. Any additional products will be showcased within the article content.

  5. For How-to articles, ensure to include a minimum of 3 products. These products will be presented at the outset of the article.

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